Donna's Story:


Inspiration for Donna comes in many forms – a written word, and image captured with her camera, or anything that touches her heart.

Donna learned to sew at a very early age, then at the age of 8 her Dad handed her his old camera.

After 25 years as a professional portrait and wedding photographer, she wanted to find something different to do with her art photography.

Donna pursued the idea of printing photographs and digital artwork on canvas and then sewing that canvas into usable art. The items she produces today are the end results of several experiments with different processes.

She has since learned how to print her artwork on many different mediums from cotton to glass to copper, even the expected photo paper. Mixing the mediums together has brought about the whimsical art being created today.  The newest Medium is a new-found love of watercolor painting.  Originals are available as well as giclée prints, the page for this new art is coming soon!  Thank you for viewing my site and I hope to see you at a show near you!

All designs, photographs, and fabrications are done by the artist herself.

“If my art evokes a laugh or a smile from you, my time was well spent!”

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