The focal piece of these wrap bracelets is 26 gauge copper which has been shaped, sanded, & cleaned. The back of the piece is coated with powdered glass and torch fired until the glass has fused to the copper, the piece is cleaned again and the top is enameled the same way, this is done at least two times for each side. Once the piece has cooled the image is transferred to the enameled top, dried and fired on, cooled again and then hand-painted. These bracelets are then put on strips of recycled silk which is appox. 36” long and able to wrap 1 or 2 times around the wrist then tied. If you send me your wrist measurements I can cut the silk to size and add a lobster claw clasp and loop.


The enameled piece measures 1 1/2” x ¾”. The silk ribbon can be spot cleaned with mild soap and air dried.


Jewelry is shipped in a gift box, a gift card can be included if you would like it shipped directly to the recipient.


Custom orders are welcome, turnaround for these may be as long as 2 weeks depending on the order.


Wrap bracelet - Sunflowers on green silk