The “Beaches” jewelry is made using either 24 or 26 gauge copper which is cut and sanded. The back is given a coat of powdered glass and torch fired till it melts onto the copper. The piece is then cleaned, polished, and enamels are applied to the front in different layers to achieve the ocean/beach look, once all layers are applied, fired, and cool, the final “white caps” are hand-painted and then fired one last time. The beaches from Maine to Aruba range from deep blue to baby blue – choose your beach!  As each piece is one of a kind there will be small differences in the "waves".  Enjoy!


Chains are Sterling silver plated, and measure 18” - 20” in length. The cord is 100% organic waxed cotton, please select the length you desire when you order, also if you are ordering a bracelet please select your wrist length from the drop down list.

Beaches - Dark blue puff heart